What is Mariette?

Mariette is a trilingual application allowing users to book services (domestic help, ironing, household shopping,…) with over 100 approved service agencies covering the entire country. Although Mariette helps you to find the best company regarding your need, Mariette herself IS NOT a cleaning company

Can I place one-off requests?

Mariette wants to provide its users with the option they prefer. Whatever your request is one-off regular, Mariette will find the company which can address your needs.

What languages is Mariette available in?

Mariette speaks Dutch, French, and English. Mariette speaks Dutch, French, and English. To ease the communication between you and the bidding companies, you can update your profile and select the languages you know.

Who is Mariette for?

Mariette is for anyone that needs domestic help, either as a one-off or a regular basis.

What are domestic help vouchers?

Domestic help service vouchers enable individuals to use domestic help services at a fair price. By using this system you can have a domestic help at a very reasonable rate. Thanks to the government subsidies, domestic help service vouchers worth €9 (1 hour of service) who will also benefit from a tax deduction according to where they reside. (Brussels €1,35, Wallonia €0,90, Flanders €3,70)

Is Mariette related to Sodexo?

Although we have introduce Mariette to the Sodexo team and the regional governments, Mariette is entirely independent, as well as from any other business in the sector.